Reaching You.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

We at Adventure and Recreational Club(ARC) of International Islamic University of Malaysia(IIUM), Kuantan branch are trying our best to get in touch with all the members of the ARC. Due to many complaints and suggestions we've received in the past which are:

1. Lack of information exposed to the members regarding ongoing and future activities.

2. Difficulties in updating the progress of any upcoming event by the committee of the program.

3. Absence of a medium for the ARC members to express complaints and suggestions.

In the era where information technology is no longer strange, blessed with high connectivity in IIUM Kuantan environment, this blog will serve as the main communication tool between the management team and the members of ARC Kuantan. It'll become the most vital component of the club to convey any information and updates to the ARC Kuantan members. We hope that it'll also be the most efficient way for the ARC members to address complaints and suggestion to the management board of ARC.

Thank you for your support and for choosing ARC as your club.

We'll be needing you for the next ARC programs. Volunteers are very much welcomed.

Long live ARC.