Friday, February 12, 2010

Report of IIUM Fiesta Explorace 2010

This program was held on 17th January 2010 around IIUM Kuantan campus. This competition was joined by 15 teams/75 peoples which is 5 people per group. This competition was organize by Adventure and Recreational Club (ARC) and open to all students of IIUM Kuantan.

This competition was start at 8.30 am which is the starting point at CF sister. Each participant was given a mineral water and bun before the competition start. At 8.25 am which is ten minutes before the competition start, participants need to warm up. After that each group need to divide among themselves. One person was cycling and others members were running until first check point.

This competition was divided by 5 tasks. First task, participants need to face dirty meals at CTS square. They were given eggs, chili, bitter gourd and garlic. For the second task, they went to Kulliyyah Pharmacy to play traditional games. The task that they have done was ‘batu seremban’ and ‘anyam ketupat’. After that, the participants need to complete the third task at IIUM Lake. The third task was most challenging because it was divided by two parts which are kayaking with eating bananas and photography session. Last but not least was forth task. At this task, each group needs to play bowling ‘kelapa’ at IIUM field. After complete this task, participants need to go to Kulliyyah of Medicine for the last checkpoint. For group who’s unable to perform any of their tasks, penalties have been given. Because of the penalty, they were finished line a little bit late.


Along this competition, we didn’t have any big problem except lack of committees. This problem occurred especially at second task when all groups arrived at the same time. Because at second task each group needs to play traditional game which is need more observation from committee. Even though we had faced this problem, but we were still can managed the entire task successfully with the full commitment from all committees.


As a conclusion, this program was success since have good team work and full cooperation from all participants and committees as well. From news that we had heard, all participants are satisfied with the prizes and the task as well. They were really enjoyed with this competition.


For the next explorace, we need to ensure the amount of committees at every checkpoint will enough to control the task and to make sure all participants are follow the rules.