ARC Board Meeting (January 2010)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Dear ARC members,

ARC Management Board will be holding their fourth monthly meeting which details of the meeting are as follows:

Date : 7th January 2010 (Thursday)
Place : MRC Meeting Room
Time : 9.00 pm

Objectives of the Meeting

1) To restructure the job scope of each bureau and thus their names. These are the proposed names while the job scopes will be discussed later in the meeting.

a) Events and Expedition (E&E)

b) Logistic and Training

c) Public Relation (PR)

d) General Task (GT)

2) To review on the current financial status of the club until January 2010.

3) To plan and arrange for the next trips and expeditions especially in the month of February and list out possible activities for the next semesters.

To all members of ARC, if you have any interesting ideas for future activities, please let us know. We will try to arrange the committees and suitable date for the programs. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Please email your proposal including the details and references before the date of this board meeting to:

4) To discuss on the Induction Course 2010 that will be organized by the management board of ARC.

Proposed date : 6th-7th February 2010

Place : IIUM, Kuantan Campus.

5) To discuss on any arising matters brought by all the bureau and from previous tenure such as:

a) ARC new logo

b) ARC T-shirt

c) ARC store room

d) ARC notice board.

To all members of management board, please be advised. Your attendance is compulsory and please be punctual.

The details of the meeting are published in this blog so that all members of ARC are aware about the activities of the club although there are no any inquiries about the details of the board meeting by the members.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

President of ARC


ziela said...

ok mr president...hehe

ashraf ghani said...

mane yg xle cover. kte bwk ke next meeting..

Anonymous said...

I'm newbie, hi